Faruk Pasic
- Software Engineer -

Towards a KPI-based Ontology for Condition Monitoring of Automation Systems

Our paper “Towards a KPI-based Ontology for Condition Monitoring of Automation Systems” has been presented on IEEE ETFA 2019 Conference.

Full paper can be downloaded at: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8869368

Authors: Faruk Pasic, Benedict Wohlers, Matthias Becker


Condition monitoring enables companies from all industrial branches to maintain high availability of their automation systems. Thus, condition monitoring is a fundamental technology to maximize operational productivity by predicting potential fault occurrences that lead to unavailability of the automation systems. Today, performing condition monitoring is successfully achieved using custom-developed software solutions. However, the development of these software solutions is a challenging task as it requires extensive knowledge from multiple engineering disciplines. In this context, there is a high need for a systematic way to formalize this knowledge. Ontologies have had significant success in fulfilling this need by providing a formal model of domain concepts and their relations.In this paper, we present our condition monitoring ontology for automation systems and contribute with a conceptual model. This ontology incorporates ISO standards for condition monitoring and key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs aggregate numerous sensor values in a few understandable numbers and, therefore, provide more efficient insight in condition of automation systems. To evaluate our work, we developed a condition monitoring knowledge-based system for a centrifugal separator based on the proposed ontology in an industrial project and report about lessons learned.