Faruk Pasic
- Research Software Engineer -

Specification of Software Requirements for Condition Monitoring of Automation Systems

Our work on the “Specification of software requirements for condition monitoring of automation systems” has been presented on the 10th Model-driven Requirements Engineering Workshop (MoDRE). Full paper can be downloaded from the IEEE proceedings website of the Requirements Engineering Conference.

Authors: Faruk Pasic and Benedict Wohlers.

Abstract: Condition monitoring is a fundamental technology that enables predictive maintenance of automation systems. However, as automation systems increase in complexity, the development of condition monitoring software becomes a challenging task that requires extensive knowledge from multiple engineering disciplines. In this context, the identification and specification of condition monitoring software requirements play a key role. Neglecting these tasks often results in costly problems during later stages of systems development. Currently, means to support interdisciplinary requirements engineering within condition monitoring software development are missing. In particular, there is a need for a systematic process that supports modeling condition monitoring requirements.
In this paper, we present our solution – a profile based on the extension of the SysML, which is commonly used to engineer requirements in automation systems. The profile allows specification of condition monitoring software requirements and thus enables a more domain-specific requirements engineering approach. We illustrate this approach on a heat exchanger condition monitoring system, explain the particular modeling steps, and present lessons learned.